Antique Vintage Silverware Hand Wired Beaded Bracelets

Antique Vintage Silverware Bracelets custom redesigned from various silverplated patterns. The Hand Wired beaded Bracelet Collection comes in beautiful designs, patterns, and sizes. These bracelets are meant to snugly fit the wrist with only a slight movement. Each bracelet has a carefully chosen central focal embellishment that has been hand wired into two antique or vintage silverware handles. The bracelet closure is a very strong silver plated magnet located on the wrist side of the bracelet. Please note: each bracelet is repurposed from a lovingly used set of silverware handles and may have slight blemishes from their previous life - giving them character. Each Bracelet comes packaged in a box with anti-tarnish filling, an anti-tarnish strip in the box, and a polishing cloth.
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